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Exploring the Past to Predict the Future

geochemistry student-led crowdfunding

The effects of predicted global climate warming is difficult to visualize because it is unprecedented within the timeframe of humanity’s existence on Earth. However, our planet has already experienced atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperature that is predicted for the next century, during a period known as the Pliocene, 5.3 - 2.5 million years ago. Pliocene atmospheric CO2 was 400 parts per million (ppm; it’s 397 ppm today) and global temperature was 2-3 °C warmer than today. By examining geologic deposits from the past, we are able to take a peek at what the future Earth might look like. Join George Grant, graduate student and researcher at BPCRC, as he joins a July 2016 expedition to visit an important site in the Canadian Arctic. George needs your help to help cover the expensive travel costs to this remote region of the world.

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